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Beauty: Makeup Routine

Seven very simple tricks that you can incorporate into your routine to be radiant even if you have slept little.

'Makeup' - Image Credits: Flickr

A quick look at Google Trends sheds light on the subject: having a good face is the new obsession in the field of beauty. The interest can be extrapolated to all types of media, blogs and specialized social networks. The products, treatments and advice distributed by all of them to achieve what we have called the 'good face effect' are innumerable and practically impossible to apply simultaneously.

We talked about him referring to that natural, beautiful and healthy aspect that seems like magic art and an innate state of the skin and not the consequence of the use of cosmetics and / or makeup. That seems to be the direct and sincere result of a dream cure, a spa session or a luxurious and restorative trip, but that nevertheless hides behind a good knowledge of the skin and a very studied facial routine.

Therefore, and although each skin is a world and all the steps are adaptable, we have compiled the most effective tricks - all simple and easy to include in the beauty ritual of each day - so that you also manage to have a good face every day of the day. year.

1. Light dinner

Let's start at the beginning: to get up with a face almost ready to be radiant, work has to start the day before. We are warned by the expert facialists of Guerlain: «The ideal dinner? Light, light and light. A salad with some poultry protein and a yogurt would be the ideal choice ».

And we add a plus: better if you don't sleep with your computer, tablet or mobile phone in your hand. The blue light of the screens, to which we are subjected during most of the day, not only affects the state of our skin by reverting to greater aging and greater pigmentation, as confirmed in one of its latest studies by the Academy Spanish Dermatology and Venereology , but also slows the production of melatonin and hinders sleep.

2.  Correct night routine

Of course, it goes without saying that a good make-up removal process is essential (better if you are fond of the triple Korean cleaning that leaves the skin without a trace of impurities). Later is when the treatment is applied. And, as Anabel Vázquez - co- founder of Laconicum assures- «If we protect the skin during the day, we feed it at night».

During this period, skin cells divide more rapidly and, consequently, regenerate better. This balances the loss of hydration of the outer layer and makes it work properly again the next day, so it is the ideal time for you to receive your treatments. And he adds: In addition, this food is accompanied by rest. It is a key moment because part of the skin's health depends on how we treat it when we are asleep.

3.  7-8 hours of sleep with a high head

It is known by all: sleeping well and the necessary hours is the best beauty treatment. However, it is true that sometimes we sleep during that time or even more and our face still seems tired. The reasons may be several.

The first, not having had a good quality of sleep, mainly due to this inappropriate use of mobile devices or low levels of melatonin (the sleep hormone). The second, which we often overlook, having slept with the head lower than the body causing liquids to accumulate in the area of ​​the face and a conclusion: more bags under the eyes and more facial swelling.

4.  Face washed + Tonic

Although the facial cleansing we do when we wake up is usually not as thorough as that at night, it is advisable to eliminate the excess fat that the skin has produced during the night in its hours of 'work'. Do it as you do, add a cold water wash to the ritual.

It relieves inflammation, stimulates blood microcirculation in the area and decongests the eye area, experts recommend. Always finish by passing a disc soaked in tonic throughout the face to rebalance the pH of your skin and prepare it for treatment and makeup.

5.  Facial Yoga

Or, what is the same, a self-massage session on the face that relaxes the features and reduces the signs of fatigue. Beauty brands have allied with him and celebrities have been quick to apply: the first, Meghan Markle.

As the exercise improves the tone and elasticity of the skin of the body, these slight movements will do the same on your face, point from Foreo, the brand of facial cleansing brushes that recently became interested in the Facial Yoga Plan method from Diana Bordón.

6. Essential oil + make-up base

When the skin is shiny - not greasy -, the good face is multiplied: especially now that the glossy finish is a trend in all types of makeup.

To achieve this, it is not necessary to add strange steps to your routine or smear it with bright bases, just this simple gesture that MAC experts recommend: «mix the makeup base with one or two drops of an essential oil (those of chamomile , lavender or grapefruit are a good option) or an oil-based serum ». Then, make up as usual and try not to add powders at the end.

7.  Flash ampoule

Both eye patches - which function as a kind of exclusive sheet mask for the eye area - and flash effect blisters are leaders in sales among those who care about wearing a rested face. Cosmetic brands have long been committed to these types of formats so that treatments are accurate and the right amount of product is used without wasting it.

Its strong point is its high concentration of active ingredients that quickly penetrate cells and give that good face effect immediately. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and apply them as the last step of the morning treatment.

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