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Beauty: Why many Instagramers are reviewing this cream?

The cosmetic stars in many snapshots in fashion accounts more often becoming an accessory in itself. We explain the phenomenon.

'Beauty Creams' - Image Credits: Flickr

Chanel says on his website that the most desired accessory in a bag is a hand cream. Rarely does an advertising slogan creep so hard almost without pretending it. The rage that Bottega Veneta's pouch bag awakens this season in the digital community (and outside of it) has contributed to the rise of this cream as the favorite of Instagram, although it had long been seen in dressers and still lifes.

Its ubiquity multiplied when the fashion director of Le Monde and stylist for firms such as Givenchy, Suzanne Koller, came up with shoes inside the aforementioned Bottega Veneta bag and hung the photo accompanied by the hashtag #myhandbagatemyshoes (my bag ate my shoes).

Numerous prescribers and influencers followed the game by photographing their pouchwith shoes included and the trend was evolving towards other variants.

Those who have the coveted accessory take advantage of its photogenicity to immortalize it in their profiles in the same way. Open of aesthetic care objects such as cosmetics, perfumes (those of Byredo are the most repeated) or purses of luxurious brands. And among them there is one that is repeated without stopping: the 'crème main' of the French firm.

Coco Chanel devised this product in 1927 worried about keeping their hands young and hydrated and 92 years after that it has become one of the most popular. Its price (49 euros) is not exactly cheap to be a moisturizer, but to wear the Chanel logo. For those who cannot afford the maison's bags and garments as well as for those who do, the oval package has become a status symbol.

One way to identify with the universe of luxury (and show it to the world) for a hundredth of what the classic bag 2.55 costs.

The cream is available in two textures (the lightest and creamiest, for dry skin) and also has a new black version: Le lift, an anti-aging variant with botanical alfalfa concentrate that, as they explain, increases the synthesis of collagen and improves the renewal of the epidermis.

All three appear not only in beauty accounts with more Instagram predicament, but also in fashion ones. The Danish Pernille Teisbaek, the Spanish Paula Ordovás and Gigi Vives, to name a few, are some of the fashionistas who have immortalized her in their accounts.

And also celebrities like the model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Of course it also stars in many of the snapshots of @newbottega, the profile that pays tribute to everything Daniel Lee launches for the Italian firm.

The product has thus become a fashion accessory in itself such as sunglasses or a case for the Logomaniac mobile. The bottle is designed not to deform and keep the formula intact and to carry it both in the bag and in the pocket, they say in the corporate description of the cream. The reality is that its design is as cuqui as millennial, two essential ingredients to achieve likes. And Chanel's hand cream is accumulating a few.

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