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In search of the perfect perfume? Facts that will help you get it right

Why it smells different in blondes and brunettes, which notes last longer or in what areas you should apply.

'Perfumes' - Image Credits: Flickr

You have before you an immense universe of possibilities to choose fragrance. And, once discovered all the news with the aromas of autumn, we approach a time of the year, Christmas, in which they become one of the most recurring gifts.

But it is not easy to choose before such a variety of nuances. And it is that behind the world of perfumes hide a good number of curiosities. Did you know, for example, that aromas do not smell the same in blondes as in brunettes?

Or that with age the sense of smell weakens? 

Laura Romero, Director of Fragance Formation at Guerlain, explained that smell is the most instinctive sense we have, since aromas go directly to the limbic system, the most primitive part of the brain, where emotions and memory are processed For that reason, a smell can awaken very distant memories more vividly than an image.

An immediate reaction to an aroma

The Guerlain expert tells us that a fragrance we like (or dislike) very intuitively and immediately.

Unlike the sensations received through taste or touch, which have to reach the brain through neurons and spinal cord, the olfactory response is immediate, since it comes directly from the nose to the olfactory bulb, which It is found in the limbic system. Therefore, we will never wear a perfume that we dislike!

Why does it smell different in each person? 

Something that surely you have noticed is that a perfume does not smell the same in one person as in another.

But perhaps you did not know that even the hair tone influences, and that is that an aroma gives off a different shade in blondes than in brunettes.

People have their own different odors to each circumstance such as food, possible medication or supplements, age, cosmetic products or simply the environment in which we move, is what we know as the body's own chemistry, that is what will compose the phenotype of the person.

And what we know is that the skin phototype is closely linked to the phenotype of the same, explains the pharmaceutical Meritxell Martí.

Blond people tend to have lighter skin, are phototype I and generally pigment less, but they are also drier skins and with less sebaceous secretion.

The perfume that does not stop having oily components, will be much more subtle than in a person with an IV phototype, which will be much more dark and in general will secrete more sebaceous components with melanin, he adds. And it is that the production of fat on the skin influences, and much, when reacting with the oils of the perfumes.

On oily skin, the perfume lasts longer, while on dry skin, on the contrary, the perfume is fixed worse and this lasts less, so experts give very practical advice especially if your skin is dry or you live in a city where there is not much humidity.

The recommendation in these cases is to apply moisturizer on the area of ​​the body where you are going to apply perfume. What do you get? It takes longer to absorb.

Coffee, a good ally to 'clean' smell

If you have decided to try different aromas, surely you know that the sense of smell can become saturated. There's a solution? Experts insist that this is the case, and they recommend 'cleaning it' by smelling coffee.

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