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Lifestyle: Live big in a small flat

Having a house of 60 square meters or less and living without stress is possible.

'Small Flat' - Image Credits: Flickr

It is about looking for decorative and distributive solutions that visually expand the space and offer the right solutions to make profitable, those that also facilitate life and organization.

Here you will find the keys of general application to improve any small floor, some involve work, others just a rethinking of what you have. Ready to make your floor grow?

Knock down unnecessary partitions

We start with a drastic solution that implies reform, but it is worth it. Dispense with some unnecessary walls will make you feel the widest space.

Natural light is also better distributed. One of the star works in this regard in mini floors is to integrate the kitchen into the living room. You can choose to tear down the partition completely or replace it with a glass wall, which is a good option when the meters are not enough to gain breadth but keep the kitchen delimited.

You should also consider throwing partitions that compartmentalize too much a passageway or the hall. Those are usually also susceptible to being eliminated and thus open the environments. In the bathroom it is a matter of distribution and tastes.

You can gain light in case the bathroom is interior when opening a glazed bay that allows natural light to come from an adjoining room. You can "take out" the sink area to the bedroom to create a mini suite room and maintain the privacy of the toilet area and shower with cabins.

Sliding doors or panels

A sliding door grants the rooms meters by eliminating the opening arch of a swing. That space is about one square meter that is now free. In addition, when the sheet itself is coupled to the partition (whether it is a sliding door integrated into the wall or not) there is no more visual element and order and balance are gained.

The difference between sliding doors and panels is that a panel is larger and usually covers from floor to ceiling, without frames. In this way the panels serve to open and communicate spaces or delimit them when necessary. In the case of the bedrooms it is a very appropriate solution for apartments and small apartments.

Take advantage of the height of the house

Small flat but with high ceilings? Do not hesitate, you have a treasure. Your little flat can grow up. Take advantage of the exceptional height to create an environment with a loft.

Depending on how the plant is, it is the perfect place to create a room that can be a storage room -if it is not of sufficient height- or a living space more if it is at least 2.10 m high. In this project of the Caravan Interiors studio a bedroom has been created which is accessed by a staircase attached to the wall.

The roof is high but not to create a loft

Related to the previous idea is this one. Your small house may have high ceilings but not enough to create a loft.

Then you can gain storage space with a bookstore as you incorporate closed door cabinets that you access by a beautiful decorative staircase or, in the case of children's rooms -like here- win an extra bed on a closet. You can also create a desk area under the bed and thus make the space profitable.

Custom furniture, solution 10 for small floors

Any solution or custom furniture fits where there is a specific need and no furniture already manufactured that fits. But in small floors, when you have to take advantage of every centimeter with a head, custom furniture will make any space transform and feel that it is really used as you need.

Because you may need closets or a bookcase or a bar cabinet or a washing machine or a study area ... there are so many options! In this Bijl Architecture project, a step area on the stairs is now a decorative bookcase.

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