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Lose weight before turning 40

The businesswoman acknowledges having gained around 8 kilos in recent months and has started to work to lose weight in a healthy way.

'Kim Kardashian' - Image Credits: Flickr

Her fitness is one of Kim Kardashian's iconic features  and she does not hesitate to take advantage of them with ultra-tight designs, low-cut and other garments that highlight her voluptuous anatomy.

Genetics aside, there is no doubt that the exercise becomes the best ally of the celebrity to get define and tone your body especially in those moments when you take weight, as has happened to the businesswoman.

This has been shared recently with her followers, accompanied by her trusted coach Melissa Alcantara, confessing that she has gained 8 kilos in recent months.

Therefore, her plan in the gym comes with a clear objective: to get fitand recover her silhouette before turning 40. Kim blew the candles of her 39th birthday on October 21 - moment that we took to review what has been its striking evolution over the years - but has decided to change the decade in full form.

Your motivation: return to your weight

Kim Kardashian, an expert in sharing each experience with her followers, also does it with her new purpose. We are doing a night training before my dinner, which I never do. However, she figured it would come sometime, commented the influencer accompanied by the expert who helps her in her training plan.

She also clarifies that her main motivation is to recover the figure she had eighteen months ago. And it is that she acknowledges having gained weight and being about 8 kilos above the one she had a year and a half ago.

That is why she has got to work and has taken it very seriously. Thus, recently she also shared exercises with her followers doing squats with weights to tone  lower body, an area that has promised to work three times a week.

As the artist explained, her exercise plan is intended to compensate for her diet, which she believes is the problem, although she must also pay special attention to what she eats.

To feel good, she just want to get a really good target weight, and that means exercising at all costs. But Melissa and I have an important goal for when I turn 40, we will inform you of what will be soon, Kim hinted.

It has about a year before passing on the calendar the change of decade, so we do not doubt that the perseverance and tenacity of the protagonist of ' Keeping Up With The Kardashians'  will get results.

Kim demonstrates, of course, the importance of putting yourself in the hands of an expert to achieve positive results that are maintained over time.

And it is not the first time she has turned to Melissa Alcantara to help her change her lifestyle. It is she who trusted in 2018 to transform her figure thanks to the combination of healthy eating and interval training with a lot of weight work, to end fat and build muscle.

When she was not happy with what she saw in the mirror, she spent a whole year training very hard, 5 or 6 days a week, working hard and changing the way she ate, and the difference was very noticeable. She is firmer, she has less cellulite and much more confidence.

Thank you for waking me up at 5 in the morning to do crazy bodybuilding exercises and sprints that I hate and help me with my lifestyle, she added. Now, start your challenge again, facing 2020.

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