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Tourism: Best places to see in Freiburg, the two-sided city in Switzerland

When planning a tourist trip through Switzerland, you should include the small medieval town of Freiburg. It is located in a border region with bilingual German and French-speaking population.

'Switzerland' - Image Credis: Flickr

This is a facet of the very prominent university city that is the current Friborg of Switzerland. Because indeed, it must be remembered that in Germany there is another city of the same name.

On the one hand, the Freiburg located on top of a hill, and the other, the one that extends along the Saane River. Freiburg is located 140 kilometers northeast of Geneva, after passing Lausanne. But you can also arrive from Zurich in just under two hours by road.


In a landscape environment of half a mountain, immersed in lush forests, Freiburg was created in 1157. As a fortified city on a hill from which you can see the winding valley through which the aforementioned Sarine River flows.

From the first moment of your visit to Freiburg, you should look at the many medieval fountains. These are distributed through the squares of the different neighborhoods of the city.

These sources show different styles, among which the Renaissance stands out. Also stopping before them to enjoy its charm will be a continuous invitation during your walkthrough Freiburg.

The Fountain of Courage is the first known in Freiburg since it dates back to 1394. The sculpture shows a bearded man covered by a breastplate and at his feet. You find it in the neighborhood of Augé, in its main square, on the banks of the Sarine River, next to the medieval Bern bridge.

It also highlights the Fountain of Loyalty, which dates back to 1404, although today you will see a sculptural group. Finally, other sources of Freiburg with religious or biblical denominations are the Fountain of the Virgin Mary or the Fountain of the Baptist.

Precisely this neighborhood of Augé is the one that shows you the other side of Freiburg. You arrive from the cathedral on a walk that becomes a descent through several narrow and steep streets that lead you to the river.

Upon arriving in Augé, also known as the lower city, I warn you that you will have the feeling of being in a small town. Boom was originally a small town that eventually became a part of Freiburg.

This town dates back to the twelfth century when it was outside the walls of Freiburg, and today is the oldest area.

I am referring to the wooden covered bridge known as the Bern bridge, which dates back to 1270.

Then, walking through the neighborhood of Planche, and after crossing the river again, you will reach another of the iconic places of Freiburg, its historic funicular.

Built-in 1899, the Freiburg funicular was installed to bridge the large gap between the low town that runs along the river and the most modern area of the city.

Finally, when you arrive at the upper station of the funicular, you will find a viewpoint. From where you will have what are undoubtedly the best panoramic views of Freiburg, and where you can appreciate again its two faces.

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