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Tourism: Visit The Hague in Holland

On the occasion of the Volvo Ocean Race, we have had the opportunity to know The Hague, in English. The Hague, or as you will see written in Dutch on most of the posters, Den Haag.

'The Hague' - Image Credits: Flickr

This is the first advice we can give you for your trip to The Hague, familiarize yourself with the names of the city in both languages. Especially in Dutch, and thus make sure that you identify it at all times.

There is one thing we always love about Holland: we have not yet visited any city that has not fallen in love with us. The Hague was not going to be less. As they say with pride, it is the perfect city to live.

It is the third-largest city in the Netherlands, but the most important at the administrative level, since it is the capital of the country. Also in The Hague, its main offices are the most important public entities, such as the Kings of Holland or the legislative powers and judicial. As they say with pride, it is the perfect city to live.

Tips for organizing your trip to The Hague:

1. How to get to The Hague from Amsterdam?

The Hague is located 60 kilometers south of Amsterdam and without a doubt, the best option is to go by train. You forget about other combinations because they are not worth it.

It is the fastest and most comfortable and the train leaves you in the center. Being so close to Amsterdam, you have very good train connections with many surrounding cities. From Amsterdam, you can go to The Hague from the Central Station or the Schiphol airport.

2. Where to change or get money in The Hague? 

The currency used in the Netherlands is the Euro, so if you travel from Spain and most European countries you will not have to change currency.

If you need euros, our advice is almost always the same, get money at one of the ATMs in the city. As they usually charge a fixed commission of about 2 euros and the change is usually the best they will give you.

3. What public transportation to use in The Hague?

The most comfortable means of transport to get around the city of The Hague is the tram. Especially when you want to go to the port area, the beach and the promenade. It is a transport that you can use continuously to shorten travel times.

The ideal if you want to move by tram is to take a full-day ticket, which you can buy at the vending machines of almost any station or online.The price of a single trip is 3.50 euros and you can use it for an hour, while the full day is 6.50 euros. So using it twice already compensates.

You have to validate the ticket when entering the tram, and also when leaving if the card does not work well, and when you want to re-enter, you will not be able to pass.

To know where to ride and how to get around, the most comfortable is to use Google Maps. You activate the location, enter the address where you are going, click on the public transport tab and the best combination appears immediately.

Another option is to move around The Hague by bicycle, which we usually do at least one day.

 4. Where to sleep in The Hague?

Since choosing the area in which to book a hotel or apartment is one of the tasks in which we spend more time organizing a trip, we have decided to help you.

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